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Louisiana Attorney Litigates Cases Involving Truck Mechanical Defects

Accomplished Metairie lawyer represents people hurt due to unsafe parts

Even the most highly trained truck drivers can lose control of their vehicle if a mechanical defect exists. One flaw in a vehicle weighing tens of thousands of pounds can cause devastating, even fatal, harm. When collisions occur because a part failed, victims and their families can face difficulty as they seek to hold negligent designers and manufacturers accountable. My law firm, Troy R. Keller A.P.L.C., has successfully handled more than 2,000 personal injury matters on behalf of Louisiana clients. I understand how to take on careless corporations, vehicle owners and drivers to secure justice for the victims of accidents involving truck mechanical defects. Even in cases with powerful defendants and complex technical issues, I offer clients the best chance for a favorable outcome.

Knowledgeable advocate assists accident victims in the New Orleans area

Finding all of the factors that contributed to a truck accident can be difficult. With 25 years of experience litigating vehicle collision matters, I can identify potential mechanical problems including:

  • Tire defects — Long trips and heavy loads put significant strain on truck tires. A blowout or flat tire can cause a truck to careen or crash without any warning. My firm acts quickly to locate the relevant evidence.
  • Brake malfunction — Large vehicles need long stopping distances and strong brakes. Sometimes, a driver doesn’t realize that equipment is faulty until it’s too late.
  • Trailer failures — A small flaw on a trailer hitch or a brake problem can trigger a jackknife or another type of trailer failure. Sometimes, more than one defect exists, and I seek relief from each liable party.
  • Insufficient underride protection — Trucks are supposed to have devices that prevent cars from becoming lodged underneath them. When underride protection falls off or does not work properly, severe harm can occur. If you or a family member has been hurt in an underride, my firm will press to hold the manufacturer accountable.

In all cases arising from truck accidents, my firm gives Louisiana clients a free initial consultation and does not collect legal fees unless a recovery occurs.

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Troy R. Keller A.P.L.C. represents Louisiana residents who have been hurt in a crash caused by a truck’s mechanical defect. Please call 504-517-7989 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Metairie office. I offer flexible office hours to suit your schedule and interpretation services for Spanish-speaking clients.