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Louisiana Advocate Handles Accident Cases Involving 18-Wheelers

Metairie firm delivers strong results to people injured in big-rig crashes

Busy highways and never-ending construction in the New Orleans area create hazards for 18-wheelers and the cars that share the road with them. In a split second, a collision with one of these large vehicles can change the lives of everyone involved. My Metairie law firm, Troy R. Keller A.P.L.C.., represents Louisiana victims and their families after harmful accidents involving 18-wheel trucks and other vehicles. With 25 years of experience handling cases in state and federal court, I know how to take effective action against negligent drivers and the companies that hire and train them. There is no need to surrender your rights just because the defendant is a large corporation. Not intimidated by powerful adversaries, I will take on the parties responsible for your injury and maximize the likelihood of a fair outcome.

Experienced litigator for actions involving semi-truck and tractor-trailer collisions

I have the experience and skill to conduct a proper investigation so that you can collect reimbursement for medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, missed work, pain and suffering, and other compensable damages. My firm handles accident cases relating to all types of 18-wheel trucks and other big rigs, including:

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Government and Post Office vehicles
  • Utility trucks
  • Garbage trucks and other sanitation vehicles
  • Package delivery vehicles
  • Dump trucks, cement mixers and other construction vehicles

Louisiana has a very strict statute of limitations for lawsuits involving truck accidents and other personal injury matters. You have only one year from the date of the crash to file your claim. Quick action gives you the best chance to locate important witnesses and evidence. There is no need to wait because my firm offers a free initial consultation and only charges fees after you are compensated.

Knowledgeable attorney delivers effective arguments in liability disputes

In Louisiana auto accident cases, determining which driver was at fault is crucial. For more than two decades, I have helped individuals take on powerful defendants and win successful results in liability and damage disputes. My firm assembles factual and medical evidence and presents your argument skillfully in court or at the negotiation table. I also have a thorough understanding of traffic laws and regulations, such as rules on distracted driving and truck driver rest, that affect litigation involving 18-wheeler accidents.

Contact a Louisiana lawyer for a free consultation regarding an 18-wheeler crash

Troy R. Keller A.P.L.C. assists Louisiana clients who have been injured in an accident involving an 18-wheel truck. Please call 504-517-7989 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Metairie office.