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Louisiana Lawyer Seeks Justice for People Injured in Truck Accidents

Metairie firm delivers exceptional representation and service

When trucks and cars collide, the damage and resulting injuries can be catastrophic. My law firm, Troy R. Keller A.P.L.C. in Metairie, works diligently for victims of Louisiana truck accidents to provide full compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other damages available under state law. I have assisted clients in this practice area for more than 25 years, securing millions of dollars in judgments and settlements. No matter what the particular facts are in your case, my firm will work tirelessly to deliver the best possible result.

Knowledgeable attorney handles claims involving commercial vehicles

When a truck crashes into another vehicle, sorting out what happened can be a complex process. Having handled thousands of these cases, I know how to separate key details from extraneous information to develop an accurate narrative. My firm assists clients with truck accident claims that involve issues such as:

  • Overloaded trucks — Even a slightly overloaded vehicle can threaten a truck driver’s ability to maintain proper control, particularly when quick action needs to be taken.
  • Driver fatigue — I review driver logs and other evidence to determine if regulations on rest were violated and if fatigue played a role in the collision.
  • Mechanical defects — My firm investigates whether any parts failed and takes on manufacturers in litigation regarding mechanical defects.
  • Distracted driving — Long rides in a commercial vehicle increase the risk that a distracted driver might be behind the wheel. I review information regarding possible cellphone use, eating or any other activity that might have diverted the driver’s attention from the road.
  • Poor maintenance — If a truck operator, owner or someone else responsible for the rig’s maintenance neglected their duties, I will work to hold them accountable.

Regardless of the specific circumstances, my firm will focus on the liable parties and press them for a proper result.

Proven advocate advises New Orleans-area clients on collision litigation

I represent clients in the greater New Orleans area in a full range of auto accident claims, including actions that involve commercial vehicles. These claims raise legal issues that are not usually associated with  passenger car accidents. I will detail issues relevant to your case, including:

  • Claim value — From the outset, I use my experience to evaluate what the eventual result of your claim might be. This way, you can make appropriate decisions about your finances and how to proceed.
  • Regulations — Commercial trucks are subject to specific regulations on driver rest, load weight and other aspects of vehicle operation. I review the pertinent police reports and investigate matters on my own to find out if violations occurred.
  • Liability among various actors — Many people and entities are responsible for the safe operation of a large truck. My firm takes on negligent drivers, fleet owners, hiring firms, manufacturers and maintenance companies to earn a proper remedy.

Whether you’ve suffered broken bones, a traumatic brain injury or some other type of harm, enforcing your rights promptly is crucial. To help you do this, I provide a free initial consultation and  don’t collect attorney’s fees unless your case is settled or won.

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Troy R. Keller A.P.L.C. advocates for victims of Louisiana truck accidents. Please call 504-517-7989 or contact me online  to schedule a free initial consultation at my Metairie office.