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Experienced Metairie Litigator Represents Victims of Vehicle Rollovers

Dedicated New Orleans-area attorney takes action when an SUV or car flips

Vehicle rollovers have always posed a significant danger to drivers and passengers, but the design of sport utility vehicles has increased the risk and incidence of rollovers. With a higher center of gravity and a narrower frame, SUVs are particularly susceptible to these types of accidents. At Troy R. Keller A.P.L.C. in Metairie, I have a detailed understanding of rollover accidents and the specific factors that cause them. Whatever type of vehicle you were riding in, I will conduct a thorough investigation to collect damages from negligent manufacturers, dealers and drivers.

Knowledgeable lawyer presents a comprehensive argument in rollover cases

As an experienced Louisiana auto accident attorney who has successfully litigated more than 2,000 personal injury and wrongful death suits over 25 years, I have the knowledge and network of experts to maximize your claim. In a free initial consultation, my firm gives you the information you need regarding your situation, including:

  • Rollover resistance ratings — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducts a detailed review of vehicles to determine the stability of each particular model. If your car or SUV tipped over, my firm can investigate whether structural issues such as a high center of gravity or narrow frame contributed to your injury.
  • Speed and other factors — As vehicles increase in speed, the likelihood of a rollover increases as well, especially on twisting or damaged roads. Alcohol and drugs might also play a part. I represent passengers, pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles who have been harmed by a rollover prompted by someone else’s unsafe driving.
  • Injuries associated with rollovers — Rollovers constitute only a small percentage of auto accidents overall, but they account for nearly one-third of all vehicle fatalities. Injuries often associated with these crashes include broken bones, cuts, spinal damage and traumatic brain injuries.

If you or someone you love was hurt or killed in a rollover involving an SUV or some other type of vehicle, I will vigorously pursue a fair resolution on your behalf.

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Troy R. Keller A.P.L.C. represents Louisiana residents who have been hurt after a car or truck rollover accident. Please call 504-517-7989 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Metairie office. My office serves Spanish speakers and provides flexible hours as needed.